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Working with Hands

Work is not only an economic necessity but a basic human need. One of the best ways to kill the inner spirit of a person is to pay them to do nothing.

At the Mission, we witness that it is through work that our humanity can also be restored. Unpaid work is a noble and fulfilling human experience.

There is no such a thing as meaningless work, when lived in a community.

Many times, people who are poor are thought to focus on what they don’t have, and not on what they have that can be shared.

We create at the Mission a real culture where everyone is encouraged to share their gifts and ‘who they are are.’ These gifts are not only encouraged, but needed. People are made to feel that they are needed and not just ‘in need.’ This vision of life restores equality between those of us who often see the poor as either objects of pity or people to look down on. We believe that such an ‘oasis’ in our culture and city does in fact contribute to a better society for all.

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