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A Parable of Community – St. John the Compassionate Mission (15:26) One Heart at a Time – St. John the Compassionate Mission (9:35)
St. John’s Bakery (3:09, French) St. John’'s Bakery (3:43)
2020-02-06 St. John the Compassionate Mission – Dancing (0:25)  
PofC Parables of Community: Asceticism of the Open Door
The Second Liturgy: Encountering Christ at the Table of the Poor
Estelle in the Wilderness — the story of St. John’s Bakery
God’s Table in the Wilderness & Radical Gratitude
October 13, 2002
Part 1 (21:22, mp3)
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Part 2 (33:09, mp3)
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Fiorito: From two Toronto priests, the gift of bread
Fiorito: Warm thoughts to some who have warmed this space
Fiorito: A hot breakfast on a cold morning
Fr. Ron Rolheiser: Love Beyond Naiveté and Romance
Khouria Frederica Mathewes-Green: Beauty and the Liturgy
“Overcoming hunger and all other forms of deprivation in the world.
One such phenomenon in our time—whereby nations operate within a globalized economic system—points to the world’s serious identity crisis, for hunger not only threatens the divine gift of life of whole peoples, but also offends the lofty dignity and sacredness of the human person, while simultaneously offending God. Therefore, if concern over our own sustenance is a material issue, then concern over feeding our neighbor is a spiritual issue (James 2:14-18).
Consequently, it is the mission of all Orthodox Churches to exhibit solidarity and administer assistance effectively to those in need.“
(The Mission of the Orthodox Church in Today’s World Great and Holy Council of Crete)

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