St. Johns Mission

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Meetings with Catechumens Catechumens

  • Every Wednesday, 3:00 p.m.
  • For catechumens only.

Join in ‘Zoom Classes’ Fr. Nicolaie

  • Led by Father Nicolaie Atitienei (priest of St. John the Compassionate Mission).
  • “Exploring Orthodox Christianity,” every Thursday, 7:00–8:00 p.m.
  • “Study of the Psalms,” every Tuesday, 7:30–8:00 p.m.
  • To sign up, send us an e-mail.


  • St. Silouan of Athos Chapel

    Blessed and dedicated by the late Metropolitan Nicholas, of blessed memory, the chapel is part of the Apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (the Mother Church of Christ’s poor), serving under the Omophorion of Metropolitan Gregory of Nyssa (ACROD).

  • Church is open for private prayer
  • Tuesday to Friday from 5am to 4pm

    Saturday from 5am to noon

  • Sunday Hours
    6:00 a.m. – Church open for private prayer
    7:00 a.m. – Orthros
    8:30 a.m. – Divine Liturgy
  • COVID-19

    As of January 14, attendance to services continues to be restricted to 10 people to attend you must first contact Starosta Miroslava business@stjohnsmission.org.

  • You are welcome in our Church!

    “If you’re made mistakes in the past and turned away from God, you are welcome in our Church. If you’ve doubted, been skeptical, and asked questions about faith, you are welcome in our Church. If you are struggling with drugs or pornography or some other addiction, you are welcome in our Church. If you were out drunk all night and party too much, you are welcome in our Church. If you’re having sex before or outside of marriage, you are welcome in our Church. If you are struggling with your gender identity, you are welcome in our Church. If you can’t quit some disappointing habit or disgusting trait, you are welcome in our Church.

    The Church is a hospital for the broken, lost, empty, confused, desperate, and rejected. The Church is a place of healing, a place of renewal. The Church is a place of rest, of refuge, of comfort, of new life. The Church is where we encounter the Living God and find love with His family.

    Everyone who has sinned has a future, and every saint has a past. How do we break the chains of sin, addiction, and bondage? Through loving prayer and Christ-centered fellowship, through prayer for you and prayer with you! There isn’t a single person within the four walls of the Church who doesn’t have something they regret or hate about their past.

    We’ve all made mistakes, and will continue to do so. But by God’s grace and with His mercy we can find new life. God gives us a second, and a third, and a fifth, and a hundredth chance to come to our senses and return to His loving home. So whatever you’ve done, whatever you’re doing, and whatever you will do, don’t despair. God loves us too much to ever give up on us.

    You are welcome in our Church!”

  • Audio recordings
    • The Jesus Prayer, in Malayam, from 2020-10-23 at St. Zoticos at Good Neighbours in Scarborough (length less than two minutes).
    • Psalm 23, sung by Presbytera Mihaela, from 2021-02-01, for the Vigil of the Feast of the Presentation (length 2:31).
  • Sunday Bulletins
  • Sunday Sermons (text)
    2020: Sep 24, Nov 15
  • Have a peek at our eight-page welcome booklet
    Wecome booklet
  • The message of Metropolitan Methodios of Boston is a simple one. “Christ did not preach theology,” he reminds. “His theology was written on the cross, in His own Blood, a theology of love and forgiveness. At the end, we will not be asked to voice a holy formula but we will be judged on how we treated our neighbors.”

Serving Clergy

Fr. NicolaieFr Nicolaie Atitienei, parish priest at St. John the Compassionate Mission, also serves as spiritual father at St. Zoticos and is available for confessions and sacraments. He is also a social worker, and does family and individual counselling. Originally from Romania, he is married and has four children.

Dn. PawelDeacon Pawel Mucha came to St. John’s in 2007, planning to stay for one year. Originally from the UK, he previously had a career in teaching. Ordained as a deacon for the Mission in 2010, he is now Prefect of the Lived Theology School at the Mission.

Sdn. ArsenioSub deacon Arsenio Tibayan, originally from the Philippines, speaks fluent Tagalog, is married and has two children, also serving at St. Zoticos Mission.

Br. LukeBr Luke O’Neil serves as an ordained Reader and leads the weekly daily services at St. Zoticos Mission. He came to Orthodoxy from the United Church of Canada.

Starosta MiroslavaStarosta Miroslava is married, a mother of two, and a recent retiree from the financial world. “I am blessed to serve as Starosta in our humble community. I serve with joy and reverence, with faith in our church and gospel. I care for all people of God, and humbly I am in service of the poor and the church, working along with our spiritual Fathers and the Sobor. With all my heart I rejoice to serve in humility, to help take care of people, to give and receive blessings, and to pray in our chapel. I am truly blessed to be part of our community.”


Books for Sale at the Mission

St. John’s Mission has a wealth of new books available for purchase, with subjects including Orthodox spirituality, saints, and theology. Here’s a sample list, or come to 155 Broadview and enjoy browsing at your leisure.

- A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality vol 2
- A Treasury of Serbian Orthodox Spirituality vol 4
- Abba: The Tradition of Orthodoxy in the West
- About Christ and the Church (Men)
- The Anointing of the Sick (Meyendorff)
- Apostle to Zaire (The Life and Legacy of Blessed Father Cosmas of Grigoriu)
- Apostolic Farming (Doherty)
- The Apostolic Fathers (Irenaeus of Lyons)
- The Art of Prayer: An Orthodox Anthology
- Athanasius’ life of Saint Anthony
- Athonite Fathers and Athonite Matters (Elder Paisios)
- Befriending the Stranger (Jean Vanier)
- Beyond Wealth (Donetas)
- Born to Hate Reborn to Love (Kenneth)
- Celebration of Faith 2 (Schmemann)
- Celebration of Faith 3 (Schmemann)
- Christ in our Midst (Father John)
- The Communion of Love (Matthew the Poor)
- Consoler of Suffering Hearts (Lebedev)
- Creative Ideas for Evening Prayer (Brind and Wilkinson)
- Cyril and Methodius of Thessalonica (Tachiaos)
- Danik Sandu Tudor (Tania Rugului Aprins)
- Dear God, It’s Me and It’s Urgent (Stroud)
- The Desert City (Chitty)
- The Diary of a Russian Priest (Elchaninov)
- Drinking from the Hidden Fountain
- Elder Ephraim of Katounaka
- Empirical Dogmatics vol 1 (Metropolitan Hierotheus)
- Encountering Men of Faith (Fitzgerald)
- Encountering Women of Faith vol 1
- Encountering Women of Faith vol 2
- Encountering the Mystery (Patriarch Bartholomew)
- The Enlargement of the Heart (Archimandrite Zacharias)
- Eternal Life (Aerakis)
- Euphemia of Serbia
- The Faith (Carlton)
- Father Arseny 1893-1973
- Father Arseny: A Cloud of Witnesses (Bouteneff)
- Festal Orations (Gregory of Nazianzus)
- Five copies of the Psalter
- For the Hope of Humanity (Michael George Tsichlis)
- From Glory to Glory (Gregory of Nyssa)
- Gifts of the Desert: The Forgotten Path of Christian Spirituality (Kyriavos C. Markides)
- Giving Sorrow Words (Reist)
- The Good Works Reader (Oden)
- Great Lent (Schmemann)
- Hia Life is Mine (Sophrony)
- I love therefore I am (Sakharov)
- If there is life I want to live (Nikolaos, Metropolitan of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki)
- The Image of God The Father and Other Studies (Bigham)
- In Thy Presence (Gillet)
- In thy presence (Gillet)
- The Incarnate God: vol 1, 2
- Introducing the Orthodox Church (Coniaris)
- Investing in the Kingdom of God (Metropolitan Nikolaos)
- The Jesus Prayer (Monk of the Eastern Church)
- John Cassian (Conferences)
- Kassiana
- The Ladder of Divine Ascent (John Climacus)
- The Law of God (Philaret)
- Le Jour de Saint-Esprit (Mary of Paris)
- The Lenten Spring (Hopko)
- Letters from the desert (Barsaniphius and John)
- The Life of Christ (Cabasilas)
- Life, Miracles, Service and Akathist Hymn (Spyridon of Tremithus)
- Liturgy and Tradition (Schmemann)
- Living prayer (Metropolitan Anthony)
- Living the Liturgy (Stanley Harakas)
- Longing for God (Breck)
- Marriage: an Orthodox perspective (Meyendorff)
- Monastic Wisdom: The Letters of Joseph the Hesychast
- The Monk of Mount Athos (Sophrony)
- The Most Holy Theotokos (Puhalo)
- Mystery of Gender (Puhalo)
- New Chrysostom (Tikhon’s Press)
- The Nicene Creed (Behr)
- Not by Bread Alone (Puhalo)
- The Old English version of the Gospels
- Old Testament Introduction: vol 2 Prophetic Traditions (Tarazi)
- Old Testament Introduction: vol 3 Psalms and Wisdom Literature (Tarazi)
- On Prayer (Sophrony)
- On the Apostolic Preaching (Irenaeus of Lyons)
- On the Apostolic Tradition (Hippolytus)
- On the Ascetical Life (Isaac of Nineveh)
- On the Church (Cyprian of Carthage)
- On the Cosmic Mystery of Jesus Christ (Maximus the Confessor)
- On the Divine Liturgy (Saint Germanus)
- On the Holy Icons (Saint Theodore)
- On the Holy Spirit (Basil the Great)
- On the Life of Christ (Kontakia)
- On the Mystical Life, vol 1 (Symeon the New Theologian)
- On the Mystical Life, vol 2 (Symeon the New Theologian)
- Origin si celsus (Nicolake Corneau)
- Orthodox Feasts of Jesus Christ in the Virgin Mary: Wybrew
- Orthodox Theology (Lossky)
- Orthodox spirituality
- Orthodox Worship: a Living Continuity with the Synagogue, the Temple, and the Early Church
- Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future (Seraphim Rose)
- Our Father (Schmemann)
- Pozitia dlui Lucian Blaga fata de crestinism si Orthodoxie (Staniloae)
- The Purple Mantle (Aliki Kafetzopoulou)
- Remember Thy First Love (Archimandrite Zacharias)
- Resurrection and Modern Man (Ignatius 4)
- The Return of the Prodigal Son (Nouwen)
- Russian Letters of Spiritual Direction (Macarius)
- The Sacrament of Love (Evdokimov)
- The Sacred Gift of Life (Breck)
- Saint Macarius the Spirit-Bearer
- Saint Nektarios (Chondropoulos)
- Saint Silouan the Athonite (Sophrony)
- Seraphim of Sarov (Zander)
- Serbian Studies, vol 8
- The Serbian people as a servant of God, vol 1
- Sexual Authenticity (Selmys)
- Sharing Poverty (Pingault)
- Slave of Two Masters (Selmys)
- Small books by Mother Maria and Mother Thekla
- Spirit of Truth (Breck)
- The Tale of the Elder Basil ‘the new’ and the Theodora myth
- Teologia Vie in Orthodoxie (Puhalo)
- These ate the sacraments (Coniaris)
- Thoughts for each day of the year (Theophan the Recluse)
- Three Prayers (Clement)
- To Give A Beautiful Witness: The Rule of St. John The Compassionate Mission
- Toward a Eucharistic Vision of Church, Family, Marriage (Lemasters)
- The Truth of Our Faith (Elder Cleopa, vol 2)
- Turn my Mourning into Dancing (Nouwen)
- Um sa ne crestem copii (Danion Vasile)
- The Way of the Pilgrim
- When and How to Study the Bible (Aerakis)
- Writings from Philokalia on Prayer of the Heart
- Ye that stand in the house of the Lord (Puhalo)
- The Year of the Grace of the Lord (Monk of the Eastern Church)
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