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Social Enterprise

Work has always been understood as a basic human need, and not only an economic necessity. It is part of the ‘beautiful witness’ of the Mission to restore this sense of work as part of the art and poetry of what it means to be human.

St. John's Bakery
In this sense, our value for work at the Mission is counter-cultural, and bread-making, as hard as it is, best suits this witness. St. John’s Bakery needs to keep a healthy balance between meeting its own expenses and its ‘social mandate‘ to help and integrate marginalized people. The Bakery is always seeking ways to integrate its work into the life of the Mission as a whole. The Bakery is therefore animated by the same spirit of humility and sense of importance of community as the Mission.

St. John's Thrift Store
St. John’s Thrift Store shares with the Bakery a common understanding of the value of work as a basic human need. Although both require a certain degree of professionalism in their operation, the place of the person is at the heart of both. The Thrift Store offers job-training opportunities in the retail trade. It also offers to those with low incomes the possibility of buying quality items at modest prices, or in some circumstances for free. The Thrift Store also offers direct contact with the Mission for its customers and volunteers in a different part of the city.

St. John the Compassionate Mission was one of the very first non-profit organization to adopt the social enterprise business model. It is also one of the most successful social enterprises in Canada.

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