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of the Community

fr-nicolaie Father Nicolaie Atitienei
Social Worker
MSW, RSW, MA Psych.
Spiritual father of the community, originally from Romania, where he attended seminary training; married, with four children.
Edmund Father Deacon Pawel Mucha
LTS Prefect
Originally form Scotland, and has been at the Mission for over ten years; rich in a dry sense of humour; responsible for the Lived Theology School; has a vast knowledge of history, and keeps things in perspective for us.
Angela Angela B. Cass
Computers, audio-visual, web & communication.
Shawn Shawn Burk
Bakery Manager
A long-time member of the Mission; a great sense of humour amid the daily struggles; the face of our bread; involved many decades with the community; ‘has seen it all.’
Rudina Rudina Caslli
Originallly from Albania; loves numbers; the voice of the Mission to our supporters; has been at the Mission for over ten years; meticulous bookkeeper; always ready to help.
Lead Baker
Nobody is working better
with his hands. Alaa came
from Syria with his family;
he learned to bake and
to speak English at St John's Bakery.
Morning Groundskeeper
Henry is an early bird with a smile who hardly sleeps
during the night. He opens St
John's doors at 4am. Henry is from Jamaica.
Welcoming people at the Mission since the very beginning, she makes sure no one comes in unnoticed. Joanna is born and raised in Toronto.
Community Cellarer
Our economos, from 5 a.m. on George takes good care of everything the community receives.
Community President
Raymond is from Toronto. He is a former president of the community who continues to work hard without the week.
Jacqueline is from Mexico. She makes the food, which tastes good, and helps to keep the kitchen clean.
Bryan has taken a break from his business and school career to intern at the Mission. He seems happy so far. Bryan was born and raised in Saskatchewan.
Mary is a kind soul who reminds us weekly about the most precious gift of our community — the gentleness and love of the poor. Mary, the community’s representative, is also a founding member of the Thursday singing club.
Sister Penka
A Sister of Mercy and mother of two children, Penka is from Bulgaria and has a background in finance. She spends most of her free time now at the Mission, making sure the room has flowers and looks beautiful. Being herself a volunteer, Penka cares the most for those who give their time and gifts to the community, expecting nothing in return.
Miroslava Miroslava
For many years, she started the day by doing dishes at the Mission, before going to her job in the finance sector. Married and mother of two children, Miroslava is the joyful loving heart of our community. Working hard all day, Miroslava enjoys most the quiet time in the chapel after the services.
fr-roberto Father Roberto Ubertino
Executive Director
Founder of the Mission (1986); orginally from the Congo, via South Africa and Italy.

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