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Published Work

Our Presence in Publications

To Give A Beautiful Witness: The Rule of St. John The Compassionate Mission (Fr. Roberto Ubertino)
Walking Humbly (Fr. Roberto Ubertino, Fr. Nicolaie Atitienei, Mary Marrocco)
Can God Set a Table in the Desert? (Fr. Roberto Ubertino et al.)
Sharing Poverty (Pascal Pingault)
Mission Life as a Teenager (Daniel Tibayan, 2017-09)
St. John's 26th Donors’ Dinner (Mary Jo Leddy, 2012-06-07)
Love Beyond Naiveté and Romance (Father Ron Rolheiser, OMI, 2011-11-13)
Reflection on the History (Mary Marrocco, 2011-06-09)
Gerasimo and the Lion (Mary Marrocco, 2011-03-03)
Love without Judgment (Father Bernard Funk, 2010-06-23)
On a Mission: St. John’s Bakery, nourishing boodies and souls (Jane Ayer, 2010-05)
St. John's 23rd Donors’ Dinner (Greg Paul, 2009-06)

To Give A Beautiful Witness
Walking Humbly
Can God Set a Table in the Desert?
Sharing Poverty

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