Needs List

The Mission’s resources are limited, and we have always trusted in divine Providence to help us meet the needs of people who come to us.

On this page we post what we mostly always need. You can call if you want to donate something that is not listed here. You can also call to arrange to drop off donations at the times when we are not open.

- foam mattresses for the homeless to sleep on (please ask before donating)
- cups for hot drinks
- shampoo, personal soap
- socks, hats, gloves
- coffee, tea, fresh milk (powdered)

- cold cereal, rolled oats, pancake mix & syrup, jam, eggs, snack bars
- diapers (2-6) & baby formula
- meat (no pork if possible)
- cheese
- diced tomatoes, tomato sauce & paste

- herbs, spices, salt & pepper, vegetable & meat stock
- vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, curry powder, ginger
- cooking oil & olive oil
- juice boxes
- aluminum foil & plastic wrap

- dish soap & laundry soap
- cutlery (non-plastic) — knives, forks & soup spoons


Diapers & Baby Formula


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