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Our Mission

  Our purpose is to be and to build an inclusive community through the gifts and the needs that each of us brings. This Community of Love is a place of healing and nourishment occurring through awakening the God-given dignity and value of each person, while responding to each person’s needs.

About St. John the Compassionate Mission

  St. John the Compassionate Mission was founded in Toronto’s east end in 1986, providing meals and a wide range of programs to marginalized individuals, in a nurturing community setting. St. John’s operates two successful non-profit social enterprises — a bakery and a thrift shop — which provide valuable work experience, training, and dignity for workers, many of whom are homeless or on social assistance. The bread has won several city awards as the best bread in Toronto.
  The Mission is open to all. Over the years, the population downtown has changed. Today, many of the people who come to the mission are homeless and struggling with addiction.
  We run the only breakfast program in the city that opens its doors at 5 a.m. We also seek to be a positive presence in a changing neighbourhood.
  The Mission is open to all. We encourage people living in the area — homeless or not, rich or poor — to see the Mission as a community space where people of different backgrounds and needs can feel welcome and needed. We encourage every one of our neighbours to come, to share food or conversation, and to get to know each other as people. The needs may look different, depending on our social status, but our common humanity joins all of us in a common search. We believe this common search is about meaning and transcendence, as well as bread.
  Many of the poor families that used to come to the Mission at its beginning are now living in Scarborough, pushed out by high cost of housing in the downtown core. In 2016, the Mission opened a new location in the Scarborough Village area (called Good Neighbours Drop-in) and St. Zoticos Mission Church.



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