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Our Mission

Our purpose is to be and to build an inclusive community through the gifts and the needs that each of us brings. This Community of Love is a place of healing and nourishment occurring through awakening the God-given dignity and value of each person, while responding to each person's needs.

About St. John the Compassionate Mission

St. John the Compassionate Mission was established in Toronto's east end in 1987 providing meals, and a wide range of programs to marginalized individuals in a nurturing community setting. St. John's also runs a successful bakery and thrift shop, which provides valuable work experience, training, and dignity for workers, many of whom are homeless or on social assistance.

The Mission is open to all – most come from South Riverdale, an area that contains a dense population of individuals and families who are considered to be living on the fringes of society and whom other community organizations are not equipped to support. Since it's inception, St. John's has provided a stable, caring, healthy, and joyful environment that promotes and assists personal development.

St. John the Compassionate Mission reaches out to the community in many ways: through providing nourishing meals; through participation in the "Out of the Cold" program and through cooperation with various Social Service



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