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Living in Community

St John the Compassionate Mission is an apostolate of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese. It is an Orthodox Christian community dedicated to serving the poor and the marginalized. It is founded on the example of St John the Merciful and the Fathers of the Church, especially St Basil the Great and St John Chrysostom. It has also been influenced by the more contemporary writings and the examples of Charles de Foucauld, Dorothy Day and Jean Vanier. The witness of the Pain de Vie community in France was also fundamental.

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The community began as a small mission in a poor neighbourhood in Toronto over 30 years ago. Now we're a small group of clergy and lay folks plus an extended community, located on the east side of Toronto. The main building of the Mission has a beautiful chapel (where we worship). We also have a famous artisanal bakery (beside the main building), and a thrift store. Both the Bakery and the Thrift Store are run as social enterprises. We share with the Catholic Worker centers a concern and care for the poor. Unlike Catholic Worker houses we do not have regular accommodation for the homeless or casual visitors.

We have a house nearby the Mission for an intentional community for those who are interested in serving the poor and learning from the deep spirituality of the Orthodox Church. We welcome anyone to come and share in our life. You don't need to be Orthodox but you do need to be willing to participate fully in the life of this intentional community centered on the liturgical and prayer life of the Orthodox Church. We are especially looking for people who would like to come and stay longer term as community members for a minimum commitment of three months. Room and board can be provided. The members would be expected to participate fully in the life and ministries (programs) of the whole community.

Originally, the Mission would have had three communities: (1) A lived community: Lourmel, and St. Mary’s Refuge. (2) An in-between open community: St. John’s and St. Mary’s Refuge, St. Silouan. (3) A community open to the completely lost — a Donut Store (yet to come).

The house is to provide a place to live for people called to live and serve in community at St. John’s, or the Refuge or the Donut Store. It is meant to be an intentional community of lay people; it can also welcome clergy or monastics. It has its own community rule and shares its space with LTS. St. John’s owns a house near the Mission, which provides living space for people wishing to live in an intentional community of persons who involve themselves fully in the daily life of the Mission, and who fully respect the principles on which the life of the Mission is based.


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