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Brothers / Sisters of Mercy

at St John the Compassionate Mission

                                                              "Serving the Table of the Lord and the tables of the Poor"

What work will Brothers/Sisters undertake?
• assisting in the daily running of the Mission (in any of its places of service)
• pastoral work related to both the Mission and the Mission parish

What costs are involved in being a Brother/Sister of Mercy?
• Travel to and from Toronto
• the Mission will give you room and board
• Brothers/Sisters of Mercy will be able to draw from the common fund for incidental expenses
• you should have your own medical insurance for at least the first 3 months

When can I become a Brother/Sister of Mercy?
• there is no specific date of entry
• if not a Canadian citizen please consult with us about visa requirements.

For newcomers to the Mission an extended visit to St John's will be required as part of the assessment process.

Inquiries/interest should be sent to lts@stjohnsmission.org for the attention of Dn Pawel.

This new opportunity is dedicated to the patronage of St Elizabeth the New Martyr who restored such a way of life to the Orthodox Church – a life combining the spirit of both Martha and Mary.

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