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The Board of Directors
& The Sobor (Community Council)

Board of Directorws

The Board of Directors is a legal requirement of the government of Canada for all registered charities. The Board is responsible to the government for the proper ordering of the material and financial affairs of the life of the Mission. The Board of Directors is also responsible for ensuring adherence to the Letters Patent under which the Mission is incorporated by the supervising Ontario ministry. Board members come from a variety of backgrounds and skills.

The Board of Directors of the Mission is the legal owner of the buildings of the Mission, and holds them in trust for the good and welfare of the poor. The buildings are not owned by the church or the diocese. The Board of Directors is responsible to ensure that adequate funds are raised for the work of the Mission. The Board of Directors must meet at least four times a year. Every year, and annual general meeting is held to approve the auditor's reoprt, appoint an auditor for the coming year, and if need be elect new board memebers. The board members are elected by the membership of the Mission.

The Sobor

Leadership in the Community of St. John the Compassionate Mission is based on the Orthodox concept of Sobornost — of persons working together for the good of all in the image of the Holy Trinity, and in mutual self-emptying.

The membership of St. John the Compassionate Mission is made up of the Sobor members, according to the Mission by-laws. Members of the Sobor must be involved in the day-to-day life of the Mission, and have a history with the Mission of at least five years.

At the invitation of the permanent members of the Sobor, any person can be invited to be a temporary member of the Sobor for one year. Permanent members of the Sobor are defined by the Rule. Decisions of the Sobor are normally reached by consensus.

 St. John’s
Board Members

  1. Fr. Eugene Morishita-Miki (chair)
  2. Sebastian Puthankandam (treasurer)
  3. Marco Bonatti
  4. Elena Constantin
  5. Daniel Gray
  6. Ange Martinez Arango
  7. J. Curtis McDonnell
  8. Robert Perri
  9. Chris Vanderwees

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