St. John the Compassionate Mission


St. John the Compassionate Mission
155 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON
M4M 2E9

Tel: 416-466-1357 Fax: 416-466-3517


Charitable Registration # 89328 1832 RR 0001

We welcome all volunteers to the Mission.

"I rather be there and not talk about it than talk about it and not be there"
(commenting on love)

155 Broadview Avenue, Toronto
Our new home since 1995.

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Our Vision

The hospitality of St. John the Compassionate Mission extends to the whole person including the deep human need for communion with the Triune God.

Inseparable from our commitment to walk with people, our desire is to walk with them in to the community of the Church and to render this life accessible to anyone who is open to receive it.




Prayer: A Basic Human Need

From day one our life has been centered on prayer. In order to truly be present to another person, one needs to know how to live in the presence of God.

Prayer is not a means to do better work but rather the very heart of who we are.

This contemplative vision allows us to perceive each person as unique and infinitely worthy of respect and love.