St. John the Compassionate Mission

About Us

"We believe

that we bear the image and likeness of God inside of us and that this is our deepest reality. We are made in God’s image. However, we tend to picture this in a naïve, romantic, and pious way. We imagine that somewhere inside us there is a beautiful icon of God stamped into our souls. That may well be, but God, as Scripture assures us, is more than an icon. God is fire—wild, infinite, ineffable, non-containable.”
- Fr Ron Rolheiser, June 25, 2006


Our Vision

The most fundamental need of people is something that most people take for granted - a meaningful place in a healthy community, a sense of belonging.

Without it, drug rehab, improved housing or employment programs have little effect. Without it, people remain trapped in a lifestyle that is difficult to escape. When people do not feel like they belong, they just cannot seem to recover.